A Jonathan in My Life

I had breakfast recently with a friend of about 20 years or so.  We work in the same field, although we have always been on different teams.  We both want to make Detroit a better place for children, and have—at times—argued vehemently on differing ways to achieve that.  Being a different color as well as different gender has caused unintended ripples too.  But like good friends in game of pick-up basketball against each other, we have played hard on the court while laughing as we walked off of it.

Over breakfast, I explained the challenge of finishing up the edits of my book and building a social media platform, which I had avoided since the invention of the Internet.

“You need a good website,” she said.  I flinched inside, embarrassed that such an obvious solution eluded me.

“I know,” I said, “But I don’t have the time to figure out how to build a good one or the money to pay somebody who can.”

“That’s not a problem,” she said.  “I can help you with that.”  And right there at the restaurant she pulled out a check to cover the cost of a new website for me.

My chin started to quiver as I shook my head to push back the tears.  This had been such a huge obstacle in my life, and she just knocked it down with a childlike faith and gift.

“I believe in you, Mike,”  she said.  Her words putting strength where I felt brokenness.

And that is how this website, and my first blog on it, was created.

The beauty of her gift and her friendship is that it is exactly what my book is about.  The Jonathan Effect is meant to inspire churches and their members to come alongside schools and their students to help them achieve their destiny, just as Jonathan did for David when he was alone and running for his life in the wilderness.

That’s exactly what she just did for me.