The Jonathan Effect

America may be called the “land of opportunity,” but countless kids and teens are struggling like young Davids in the urban wilderness, attempting to fight the giant of poverty under insurmountable odds. What could make a difference: the presence of a “Jonathan” in their lives to give them the crucial support they need to survive and thrive.

The church is the best source of these Jonathans, as they partner with local schools and provide struggling youth with the relational connections that can help them overcome their circumstances. It’s a strategy that works, as author Mike Tenbusch demonstrates through his own inspiring story.

A Detroit native and longtime advocate for youth education, he brings you into the classrooms of the toughest schools in America so you can see firsthand the hardships of surviving as a child in these settings. And he introduces you to many real-life Jonathans who are making a tangible difference.

The need is tremendous. If you have ever wondered how you and your church (or your company) can be a part of the solution to the challenge of extreme poverty, this book will inspire you to take action. By coming alongside our nation’s most vulnerable young people, you will help unleash the Jonathan Effect that can turn the tide in the battle against poverty.

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Mitch Albom

“The Jonathan Effect” is not only a blueprint for social action, it is a reflection of an author who does more than write, he lives his philosophies and employs his own call to action. With this book, Mike Tenbusch dismantles a current crisis with an age-old approach – begin with caring, trust your beliefs, get out to where the problem is, and never give up on children. I’ve seen it work, as I’ve seen Mike work. The world is a better place as a result.

Mitch AlbomAuthor, Journalist, Founder - S.A.Y. Detroit Charities