Creating Lasting Change in Schools and Communities.

Let’s face it. Schools get blamed for solving problems they can’t fix by themselves.  We need more companies, churches and impact organizations working in partnership with schools, but schools are often ill-equipped to create and manage those partnerships effectively.  Uncommon Solutions works with leaders interested in working in new ways to change conditions and outcomes for kids and their families in America’s cities. Together.

With more than 20 years of experience leading change in Detroit through award-winning impact organizations and schools, Michael Tenbusch launched Uncommon Solutions to more effectively serve those people doing the most to help kids in America’s toughest cities.

Services We Offer

Personal and Organizational Development—Developing Tools and Habits for Success

Culture eats strategy for breakfast.  Past performance is a good indicator of future performance.  We know these things to be true, but we also believe that great leaders can change both.  That is why we are so determined to help leaders break out of their personal ruts and leadership teams forge healthy habits.  We offer a unique personal and organizational assessment that helps leaders see where their blind spots are, and then walk with them to a higher level.

Strategic Breakthrough—Bringing Leaders’ Aspirations to Life

Leaders of great organizations can be doing everything right and still feel behind.  They have inspirational ideas that wake them up in the middle of the night, but don’t have the people or time to work on them in the day.  We love to make those ideas a reality.  We provide the research and analysis to turn those dreams into frameworks and strategies that can transform an organization and its results.

The Jonathan Project—Helping Churches and Companies Change the World

People no longer want to just “go to church” or “work for a company.”  They want to know that the place where they spend their time and talents is making a difference in the world, indeed that it is actually changing it.  But most churches and companies are stuck in a cycle of service projects that fall far short of their people’s potential.  Building on the lessons shared in The Jonathan Effect: Helping Kids and Schools Win the Battle Against Poverty, we help churches and companies powerfully partner with a school or impact organization and align their work in a way that doesn’t just change the world; it changes their organization for the better too.


Textured Lives—Training Teams to Live and Lead Well in Polarizing Times

Productivity plummets when silent or overt battles rage over the issues of the day.  Team dynamics can suffer in simple conversations at the Keurig machine or through daily posts on social media.  In an increasingly polarized world, we find great joy and strength in living unpolarizing lives.  Our team is made up of good friends from different races, backgrounds and ideologies who believe that what unites us is more powerful than what divides us, and we can help your church, company or team rediscover that common ground through the difficult terrain of today’s world together.  We favor:

  • Laughing over arguing.
  • Understanding over being right.
  • Forgiving over holding on.
  • Trying over giving up.
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